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Many of us have educators to thank for our love of science. That's why we're sending free card decks and posters to all kinds of educators -- K-12 teachers, scout leaders, community college professors, and anyone else who has an opportunity to teach people about science.

Our Women of Science card deck is not your typical tarot deck. The major arcana cards feature a fundamental scientific concept, like extinction, diversity or gravity. The 56 other cards feature inspirational women who have changed the course of STEM, which can be used as a regular deck of cards. We're proud to be creating a feminist card  deck that values diversity and representation. 

We're also sending out our Science Heroes posters to any interested educators.

Number of educators currently waiting for a deck: 181 (8 decks sponsored so far)

What you'll get: appreciation from us and a lucky educator! We can't do this without your support. [Please note: you will not receive a tarot deck. If you'd like to purchase a physical deck for yourself, please use this link instead.]

What they'll get:Women of Science card deck, which also comes with a digital guidebook with information about each scientist and teaching guidelines, or Science Heroes posters.

Educators: if you'd like to sign up to receive a deck or posters, please fill out this request form.