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Women of Science Tarot Deck

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Our Women of Science Tarot Deck is a card game that helps us tell stories about our future based on principles of science. This unique tarot deck was made possible by more than 300 amazing Kickstarter backers.

The major arcana cards feature a fundamental scientific concept, like extinction, diversity or gravity. The 56 minor arcana cards feature inspirational women who have changed the course of STEM. We're proud to be creating a feminist tarot deck that values diversity and representation. Every card is illustrated by neuroscientist and comic artist Matteo Farinella.

  • 78 tarot cards, 2.75" x 4.75" (about 70 x 120 mm)
  • Cards will have a matte finish without gilded edges
  • Includes digital instructions (perfect for tarot beginners) and a digital guidebook with information about each scientist and teaching guidelines for educators
  • Comes with a specialty rigid box, approximately 5.2" x 3.2" x 1.3"

Please Note: Product images are illustrations of how we expect the end product to look. The cards may slightly differ in appearance from what's shown here.

If you'd like to sponsor a tarot deck for an educator, please use this link instead.

Science Tarot FAQ

Is this science? No, it's a game! For fun, and coincidentally, learning. There's a great, long history of card games as tools for communal storytelling. The tarot deck has been used since the 15th century as a framework for communal storytelling, soothsaying and prediction. We’ve updated our tarot to reflect our scientific, 21st century curiosity for shaping the world. It's a modern, feminist tarot deck that anyone can enjoy.

Why are you doing this? Our main goal as science communicators is to get people excited about science, to make science a more inclusive space, and to give people a sense of agency in scientific spaces. We want people to prioritize scientific thinking in their own lives and in their communities. We want people to do more research, to ask questions, and to remain curious. We don't think creativity, storytelling, magical thinking and scientific thinking are totally disparate subjects. Here's a longer answer, by the illustrator himself.

What will the cards look like? To get a sense of the illustrations and learn more about the featured scientists, check out our Science Heroes stories.