Annie Easley Poster

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Annie Easley is one of our Science Heroes, inspirational women who changed the course of science history. These posters are perfectly suited for hanging in your home, office, or classroom.

  • 11" x 14", printed on #120 matte paper
  • Illustrated by Matteo Farinella, designed by Allan Lasser
  • Shipped flat in a rigid envelope

There’s a famous photo of Annie Easley. She’s standing next to a huge control panel with dials, lights, buttons from floor to ceiling. She looks like a character in a movie, commanding a fearless space mission. But it’s real: it was taken in 1981 in the Central Control Room of NASA’s Lewis Engine Research Building in Cleveland, Ohio, as part of a profile on Easley for a feature story in Science and Engineering Newsletter. Although Easley never had a movie made of her life, she was a hidden figure in her own right as a barrier-breaking mathematician and rocket scientist who worked on countless NASA projects for over 30 years. Continue reading about Annie Easley on Massive Science →