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About Us

Massive is dedicated to helping scientists share stories about their work and lives in pursuit of a more informed, rational, and curious society.

Our community, the Massive Science Consortium, is open to any STEM researcher who wants to improve their storytelling, tell their science stories to new audiences, and support and encourage their likeminded peers. Our community of scientists is over 900 strong, fiercely intelligent, and deeply committed.

Our online publication is the home for our scientist’s stories and we publish new stories every week. We tell stories you can trust about the climate, genetics, and more. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates delivered straight to you, and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more daily news.

Our goal is to involve more people in the scientific process by making science more inclusive and exciting. We want people to prioritize scientific thinking in their own lives and in their communities by doing more research, asking more questions, and staying curious.

This shop is our first foray into e-commerce and is currently being run out of a small apartment by Alex Poon, Gabi Serrato Marks, and one cat named Spock. Like everything we do, this an experiment and we're learning as we go. Thanks for your support — we're glad you're here.

Allan and Nadja, co-founders