0.1% Zine: Genomics x Identity

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We teamed up with NAVEL to create 0.1%, Genomics x Identity: Race. Gender. Politics., a zine that focuses on how genomics can inform identity. Through essays, conversations, and artistic works, this zine discusses race, risks and reparations in the post-genomic era, indigenous sovereignty and post-human futures, why searching for scientific explanations for sex and gender may be a harmful endeavor, the heritability of our political beliefs, genetic privacy, and genetic manipulation.

This 72-page full-color zine, comprising original works that span art, humanities, and science, hopes to uproot old questions of identity and grow new answers under a genomic light.

Yewande Pearse, Curator
Dr. Dan Samorodnitsky, Editor
Jasmine Sarp, Graphic Designer
Amisha Gadani, Illustrator
Rebecca Muir, Content Contributor
Dr. C Brandon Ogbunu, Content Contributor
Dr. Gina Paige, Content Contributor
Jazmina Figueroa, Content Contributor
Elysa Carr, Content Contributor
Dr. August Guang, Content Contributor
Lila Leatherman, Content Contributor
Dr. Prabarna Ganguly, Content Contributor
Dana Nordenstorm, Content Contributor
Isabel Prade, Featured Artist
Günter Seyfried, Featured Artist
Shannon Bono, Featured Artist
Allan Lasser, Creative Consulting
Amanda Vincelli, Creative Consulting
Nadja Oertelt, Creative Consulting