Chien-Shiung Wu Poster

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Chien-Shiung Wu is one of our Science Heroes, inspirational women who changed the course of science history. These posters are perfectly suited for hanging in your home, office, or classroom.

  • 11" x 14", printed on #120 matte paper
  • Illustrated by Matteo Farinella, designed by Allan Lasser
  • Shipped flat in a rigid envelope

In 1936, a young physics graduate from China boarded the SS President Hoover, waved goodbye to her parents, and began a weekslong journey to the United States. Her final destination was to be Ann Arbor, where she planned to start her PhD in physics at the University of Michigan. Little did Chien-Shiung Wu know at that moment that she would never see her parents again, that she wouldn’t study at Michigan, and that she would go on to work on The Manhattan Project and become one of the most preeminent experimental nuclear physicists of all time. Continue reading about Chien-Shiung Wu on Massive Science →