Ynes Mexia Poster

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Ynes Mexia is one of our Science Heroes, inspirational women who changed the course of science history. These posters are perfectly suited for hanging in your home, office, or classroom.

  • 11" x 14", printed on #120 matte paper
  • Illustrated by Matteo Farinella, designed by Allan Lasser
  • Shipped flat in a rigid envelope

If you’ve ever tried to press flowers or leaves between pieces of paper, you know that each specimen takes lots of painstaking work. Can you imagine collecting and preserving 150,000 plants, flowers, and leaves? That’s exactly what Ynes Mexia did. Mexia was a Mexican-American botanist, but she was also a non-traditional college student, a creative field scientist, and an explorer. Continue reading about Ynes Mexia →