You Are What You Meat

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  • 28-page-long zine about lab-grown meat
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In this report, we jump into the topic of lab-grown meat. The proliferation of stakeholders and their debate over terminology (cultured meat, lab grown meat, clean meat, cell-based meat, cultured tissue) is an indication of the number of competing voices and motivations in the field. We wanted to provide a factual guidebook for analyzing these voices based on research and science, not marketing. We chose five scientists who worked with our editors for over eight weeks to translate peer-reviewed research, answering frequently asked questions and explaining commonly misunderstood concepts.

This report was partially supported by New Harvest, a non-profit organization dedicated to funding the basic research and academic systems needed to build the field of cellular agriculture. New Harvest had no role in choosing scientists to write the report, and had no editorial input in the creation of the report. They simply requested that the report be made freely available to everyone.